Customer Reviews

The best thing about MWearNYC is the multiple options for sizing that they offer.  It's almost like bespoke underwear that is sexy and bold, not overly feminine or masculine, and makes you feel confident and proud to own the person you are and the body you are in at the moment.  Don't miss the opportunity to feel this new level of self-worth!


I recently bought the burgundy and emerald velvet thongs and the orange lace thong and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Firstly, it’s true to size and fits perfectly both in the waistband and in the pouch. Secondly, the fabric on the velvet and the lace feel really good against my skin. I don’t often purchase or wear thongs because they can feel very abrasive against my skin but these ones I’ve purchased are so comfortable I’ve ever forgotten I’m wearing one. If all thongs were this well made, I’d wear them more often and I’m definitely gonna be buying more from here. 


I love my 3 custom swimsuits. They’re very well made. 

Very competitive price for custom. Two thumbs up.


I totally love this velvet thong! The feel, the fit and it’s so comfortable! Makes me feel Sexy! I want to order the Navy one next. 


I love to be able to feel sexy even as a larger bodied person, and you have done great job of showcasing everyone.